Cadiz Food Market and Tapas Tour

Cadiz is well known for its famous Carnival celebrations but another less well known highlight of the city is its relaxed laid-back atmosphere. From cafés to seafood markets, discovering the treasures hidden in the Old Quarter's narrow winding alleyways is an enchanting delight for any visitor.

We start the Market & Tapas Tour with a visit to the amazing Food Market of Cadiz. Here you will learn about its rich history as well as discovering its tempting food - their wonderful range of fish that can be found every day on the stalls. 


During the visit to the market you can try some of the delicacies available at special food stalls inside the market and once recharged by this delicious food we continue on exploring the city. 


After a short walk we reach a couple of the most interesting tapas bars to enjoy the Cadiz “tapeo” as the bars fill up with the local people enjoying their lunch time.


This tour is offered only in the morning when the market is at its best and from Tuesday to Saturday.


  • Enjoy the best Tapas & Wines of Cadiz.
  • Discover the Historical Center of Cadiz and its hidden treasures.
  • Delight in the lively atmosphere of the city.
  • Learn about the amazing Food Central Market and its history.
  • Explore the heritage of Cadiz with one of our local guides.