The Wild Tuna of the Almadraba Route

Immerse yourself in the exciting world of the wild tuna of the almadraba, learn about the origin of this old age fishing art, savour the tastiest tuna in the world and discover the amazing beauty of the coast of Cadiz. 

With Cadiz Food Tours, you will experience the ancient fishing technique used to catch wild tuna with an elaborate maze of netting known as almadraba. You will discover the roots of this age old fishing art as well as its importance to the economic development of the area where it is performed. Surprise yourself with the unique preparations, textures and flavours of the almadraba wild tuna found in the cuisine of this culinary treasure. Enjoy the beauty and charm of the coast of Cadiz full of light and colour where the wind blows the fine sand of unspoiled beaches and it still is possible to enjoy nature at its best.

Our day begins by visiting the site of an amazing Roman city dating back to the 2nd century BC. The city developed in an area of great strategic importance - The Straits of Gibraltar.  Its origin and subsequent development are closely linked with the salting industries, tuna fishing and the production of garum (a fish sauce used as a condiment in ancient Rome and Greece).

The next part of the day is to find out more about the almadraba so we have to go to Barbate, a fishing village next to the Atlantic Ocean where this fishing art with more than 3000 years of history has been being practiced since the time of the Phoenicians. Here we visit a Museum where, during our guided visit, we learn more about the wild tuna and the almadraba, this traditional selective and sustainable fishing art where tuna are captured in a complex labyrinth of nets as they swim past the coast of Cadiz on their way to the Mediterranean.

During our visit, you feel immersed in this fascinating world surrounding the capture and processing of this jewel of the sea. Before leaving, we have our first contact with the local gastronomy tasting some delicious appetizers.

Now it's time for lunch in front of the Atlantic Ocean and we have the opportunity to savour some wild tuna dishes using one of the tastiest, most succulent and versatile fish in the world.

The day finishes visiting the busy port of Barbate - situated between two spectacular beaches and the natural park of La Breña - where the porthelps to keep the tradition and secrets of the almadraba alive today.

Finally relax on the drive back after this day full of magic!


  • Immerse yourself in the exciting world of the wild tuna of the almadraba.
  • Savour the tastiest most succulent tuna in the world.
  • Explore the history, legends and traditions of the coast of Cadiz listening to expert explanations from one of our guides.
  • Discover a roman city dating back to the 2nd century BC.
  • Enjoy the beauty and charm of coast of Cadiz full of light and colour.