Jerez de la Frontera Walking Tour, Food Market and Tasting a Sherry Wine

Get close to the charming city of Jerez de la Frontera where you will discover amazing buildings, churches and palaces amongst orange trees, fountains and Plazas.

Jerez de la Frontera is well known for its wines, horses and flamenco and preserves a historic centre that has been declared a historic artistic site. One of the noblest towns in Andalusia brings together the splendour of aristocratic palaces with the popular flavour of typically Andalusian houses.

During our tour we discover not only the Arab past of Jerez de la Frontera, seen clearly in its walls, the Fortress and the Mosque, or the city’s main Christian symbol the Cathedral, but also the winding streets of the old town, the atmosphere of the timeless buildings, the hidden courtyards and the occasional forgotten corner where the essence of Andalusia is captured by special lighting.

A stop at the Food Market illustrates why Jerez de la Frontera cuisine is so tasty - over fifty stalls selling fresh fish from giant tuna to bocarones as well as shellfish ranging from huge spider crabs to diminutive Cadiz Bay shrimps.  There is a similar number of vegetable stalls where you can find every seasonal vegetable imaginable.  You will also be tempted by the other stalls with fare going from olives to Iberian ham and local cheese.  The variety and quality of food attracts customers everyday looking to find the best fresh buys!

After visiting the market what else could be better than finishing our walk at one of the best tabernas of the city savouring a delicious sherry wine?

Come, enjoy, taste and discover Jerez de la Frontera with us!


  • Explore the history, legends and traditions of Jerez de la Frontera listening to expert explanations from one of our guides.
  • Discover the Historic Centre of Jerez de la Frontera along with its hidden corners.
  • Learn about and experience the best sherry wine in the world while savouring it in one of the traditional Tabernas of Jerez de la Frontera.
  • Enjoy the Food Market of Jerez and its lively atmosphere.