El Puerto de Santa Maria Food Market & Tapas Tour

With us, you skip the tourist traps and veer off the beaten track, discovering the local way of life and some of the most charming and trendy spots through a selection of the locals’ favourite Tapas Bars & Wineries of El Puerto de Santa Maria.

El Puerto de Santa Maria is one of the best places in Spain to enjoy a Tapas Tour. Very well known for its delicious gastronomy and superb wines, El Puerto de Santa Maria is surrounded by stunning nature, the Bay of Cadiz provides an amazing assortment of fish and seafood and its fertile fields a vast variety of fruits and vegetables.


With these top quality ingredients, we find a wide range of Tapas to choose and our Tapas Tour is a huge hit giving you a “real taste” of the best of El Puerto de Santa Maria and its local gastronomy.


The old and irregular cobbled streets of el Puerto de Santa Maria invite us to delve into the city center and to discover its colourful architecture, places, nooks and crannies full of charm and steeped in history.


A visit to its food market is one of the activities always recommended for those who like eating, right in the heart of El Puerto de Santa Maria is located “La Concepción” Market with its traditional food stalls and lively atmosphere.


After the food market visit, we continue our walk finding on route hidden tapas bars and wineries where delighting in the fabulous cuisine and delicious wines of El Puerto de Santa Maria.


This Tour is offered only in the morning when the market is at its best and from Tuesday to Saturday.



  • Enjoy the best Tapas & Wines of El Puerto de Santa Maria in its most charming locations.
  • Discover the Monumental Center of El Puerto de Santa Maria and its exuberant and colorful architecture.
  • Delight in our gastronomy and our wines while savouring.
  • Learn about the traditional Food Market and its importance in the city.
  • Explore the History, legends and culture of El Puerto de Santa Maria listening to expert explanations of one of our guides.